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Watch: Mai Titi video polarize On Social Media

Mai Titi, a comedian and artist from Zimbabwe, talked about her controversial pictures after a lot of them got out. Yes, Mai Titi, who is a well-known musician and comedian in Zimbabwe, has talked about the pictures and movies of her that have been made public. Reports say that the musician said her husband had given out her private pictures. Follow our website to find out the latest news!

During an interview, she talked about the pictures that had been le@k*d and pointed to her ex-husband. Who does Mai Titi’s wife live with? We looked into Mai Titi’s controversy and wrote about it in this piece. You have to stay on this page and read this whole story.

Mai Titi’s popular video

Mai Titi’s real name is Felistas Murata. Because of her le@k#d photos, she is currently in the news and going through a bad storm. Fans were very worried about who le@k#d her private pictures. But the singer has talked about it and said that her ex-husband and a person she used to know were to blame for the le@k.

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Felistas Murata has also said bad things about her ex-husband in Zimbabwe and the US. The United States is where her ex-husband lives. Reports say that Mai Titi filed a complaint about payback p*rn and cyberbullying.

Since Mai Titi’s violent films and photos were made public, the popular video wants to get back at her. In the meantime, the comedian showed up and said that her ex-husband had shared her pictures. I’ve already told the police about them here in Zimbabwe and in the countries where they live.

She and I (the previous friend) are no longer friends. I don’t know what she’s up against. Because he stole money and I put him on a list of people who want him, the ex-husband is out for payback because he knows he can never go back to Zimbabwe.

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Mai Titi is often at the center of arguments, but she was in the news before for saying that a Harare woman case was a fake.

The bail was set at $10,000. Because of the law, she can’t say the name of her husband. Her new video has made her very famous right now. A lot of people have shared the new pictures of Mai Titi with their Facebook and Twitter groups.


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