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Legendary Japanese Musician Ryuichi Sakamoto Dies at 71

Ryuichi Sakamoto, a famous musician from Japan, died at 75. In the past few years, the musician had been fighting cancer, but on March 28, he died from it. On Sunday, his management company told the world that he had died. Follow our website, Viralstimes, to find out about the most recent news!!!!!

Sakamoto started in the music business in the 1970s when he helped create the band Yellow Magic Orchestra. Over the years, his music work brought him much attention and won him several awards. Find out more about the musician’s life and work by reading on.

Sakamoto’s management company posted a statement about the sad news on Twitter on April 2: “While getting cancer treatment that was found in June 2020, Sakamoto continued to work in his home studio when his health allowed. He lived his whole life with music. Also Read – How Did Kitchie Die? Kitchie Car Accident: R.I.P.

“We want to show our deepest gratitude to his fans and everyone who has helped him, as well as to the doctors in Japan and the U.S. who did everything they could to help him get better.”

“We’d like to share one of Sakamoto’s favourite sayings: ‘Ars longa, vita brevis,’ which means ‘Art is long, life is short.'” The singer has been told twice in the last few years that he has cancer.

He had throat cancer in 2014 and stopped making songs for a year. He was told he had bowel cancer in 2021. “From now on, I’ll have to live with cancer. “I hope to keep making music longer, though,” he said. Also Read – Shooting at Memphis rapper Yo Gotti’s restaurant kills 2 and hurts 5

Sakamoto was awarded both a Grammy and an Oscar

Sakamoto was born in Tokyo in 1952. When he was six, he started taking piano lessons; when he was 10, he started taking classes in writing music. He started his work in college, and he and Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi went on to start YMO. The band was a big hit in Japan, and two of their albums were at the top of the charts.

Due to their English songs, the group also became well-known in the US. Sakamoto also kept putting out solo records, such as Thousand Knives (1978), Esperanto (1985), and Neo Geo (1989). (1987). The singer also wrote music for movies such as The Little Buddha, Snake Eyes, and Femme Fatale. Also Read – Devar Murrell’s Cause of Death? Musician Devar Murrell died at 44

In 1987, he worked as a composer and actor in Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor. He got the Academy Award for Best Original Score, the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score, and the Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture.


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