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Who’s Lee Cosens? Bradenton Police Officer Dies From Cancer

The tragic and upsetting news that Lee Cosens has passed away is something we are passing on to you now. On Sunday, he took his last breath and ended his career as a police sergeant in Bradenton. His loved ones no longer survive him.

The whole Bradenton Police Department has been expressing their sorrow at his passing. Since the news of his departure has spread around the internet, many people’s hearts have been broken because their cherished person has left this world in such a tragic manner.

No one had ever anticipated that their loved one would pass away in such a way. People must be very interested in learning the reason for his passing away. Follow our website, Viralstimes, to learn about the most recent news!!!!

Who is Lee Cosens person?

On April 16, 2023, Bradenton Police Sergeant Lee Cosens exhaled his last breath. Since he passed away that day, his loved ones no longer surround him. A police department in Bradenton has vouched for the validity of the reported death of the individual.

Since the news of his demise has spread throughout the internet, many people have been upset by his passing. They are now highly interested in learning the circumstances behind his death. According to the story, he lost his battle with cancer after waging it for a considerable time. Read Also – Paul Funk’s death? Paul Funk, principal of Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High, dies at 51

Lee Cosens was a well-regarded police sergeant who worked for the department for almost a decade. He was a devoted husband to his wife, Amy, and a doting father to his two little girls.

He served in the 293rd Military Police Company and eventually became a police sergeant there. He served his country in the United States military.

Afterward, he spent more than a decade working for the Bradenton Police Department, where he held positions including patrol officer and detective. In 2021, he received a promotion to the rank of Sergeant.

According to what we know, Lee was a highly honorable and remarkable guy who achieved enormous success in his work. He will be much missed by the people who were closest to him. Unfortunately, Lee did not make it to his 40th birthday. Read Also – Who is Chris Smith? How Did Former Bengals Defensive Die?

Since the news of his passing surfaced online, many people have been troubled and startled by his death. No one anticipated that he would pass away at such a young age.


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