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Laura Bailey le@ked on Last of us cameo from major game star

Merle Dandridge is one of many actors from the video game The Last of Us to portray the same role on the HBO series. Therefore, technically Laura Bailey is as well. She is not the first character that admirers consider when hearing her name. Follow our website to find out about the latest news!

In the first season’s climactic final episode, Joel (Pedro Pascal) recruits Ellie (Bella Ramsay) for Team Firefly. When he discovers that removing the cordyceps from Ellie’s brain to create a vaccine will kill her, he saves her out of fury.

The doctor and two nurses operating on Ellie were frightened when Joel raced through the hospital and crashed through the operating room’s door. The episode’s credits indicate that Bailey is one of the nurses.

Fans of video games are familiar with Bailey’s voice and motion-capture work as Abby, a pivotal character in The Last of Us Part II, On the other hand, Bailey has a long history of voice acting for video games and also appeared in The Last of Us, the first film of 2013.

Neil Druckmann, who worked on both the HBO series and the video game, verified that Bailey provided the voice of a surgical nurse. In the new incarnation, the actress reprises her role.

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“She said, ‘Come on,'” she said. Let me do it. Craig Mazin, one of the other program hosts, stated in a virtual meeting with Druckmann, ‘I’d like to be on the show.’ “Of course, we told them, ‘We adore you,'” “By the way, I will not reveal which one,” he added. “These two nurses appear alike.”

None of the producers ruled out Bailey making a significant cameo or guest appearance in season 2 or later, as they did with longtime cast members Ashley Johnson, Troy Baker, Jeffrey Pierce, and Dandridge. The equivalent. Druckmann stated of Pele, “Perhaps we’ll do something different with her next season.” Mazin concurs, “I mean, she wears a disguise, so we can do whatever we want with her next season.”

According to Mazin, the scene was shot in an old hospital that was about to be demolished in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. As he displayed the set to Bailey, he stated, “She immediately began weeping upon seeing it.” Mel experienced the same sensation when she wore Marlene’s wig for the first time. Neil’s Game moved her to tears. The finest virtual reality version of “The Last of Us” resembles the sensation of stepping out of the natural world and into an unreal one.

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Druckmann states, “Bailey sent me this hilarious photo she captured on the day this scene was filmed.” “Because, if you know who she’s portraying in the next narrative, it has a significant connection to the operating room. Maybe at the end of the season, I’ll tweet them this photo.”


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