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Watch: Ladyrwby 6’s viral video of her live shaving on Social Media

Twitter is one of the most engaging social media sites for finding videos. Some are funny, some are serious, and some have content that divides people and spreads quickly on other sites. Most news stories these days are based on movies that go viral, and people are interested in them.

This time, a video about streamers is also getting a lot of attention. The name Ladyrwby is well-known in Vietnam for the flag called Ladyrwby. She used to tell her fans about what she did every day on social media, just like other celebrities or people with many followers.

Ladyrwby Live Shaving Video Is Going Viral

Similarly, she recently went live on Twitter to show her fans how she styles her hair. Many of her friends put this video online, and it has sparked a lot of talk about self-care and being happy with your body. She tried to make her body hair fit in for the rest of her life.

She thinks it’s OK to have body hair, and it’s up to each person to decide whether to cut it. People who have yet to see the movie want to and are looking for the link to do so. Her well-known movie lasts about an hour. Also Read – Kadejah Michelle Brown: Woman K*lled Husband on Facebook Live Stream Video

Short clips of the movie are going popular because of this. As we said above, she was seen shaving live, and people were moved by what she did. But it’s not the most current video; it was shot on June 16, 2022, a year ago. On June 16, the well-known TV host shaved her body hair live on Twitter. In the movie, she shaves her legs, waistline, and underarms with a razor.

During the whole film, she talks to her audience and answers their questions about how she shaves, how she takes care of herself, and how much body hair she has. Fans of Ladyrwby, who like how honest and open she is, have given the picture a lot of good feedback.

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People have told her that she is an example of body acceptance and self-love, which they think is excellent. Even though this video was posted last year, it is still getting a lot of attention, and people are still talking about it in 2023.

They’re glad Lady Rwby told her fans how she cares for her skin. But since this video came out, many questions have been asked about how safe using a razor to eliminate body hair is. The study says that using a razor to clean yourself can be safe if the correct safety steps are taken. Using a clean, sharp razor and cutting toward hair growth is important.


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