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‘Kokomo City’ Star Koko Da Doll Shot Dead in Atlanta

Koko Da Doll, who was most famous for being the main character in the documentary Kokomo City, has gone. She was shot and killed in Atlanta on Tuesday. Follow our website, Viralstimes, to learn about the most recent news!!

The Atlanta Police Department says that around 11 p.m. on Tuesday, Koko was found with a gunshot wound in Southwest Atlanta. At the scene, the Kokomo City star was said to be dead. Keep reading to find out more about how tragically Koko Da Doll died.

Koko Da Doll gets killed in Atlanta

Rasheeda Williams, known as Koko Da Doll, was killed in Atlanta on Tuesday. Her real name was Rasheeda Williams. She died when she was 35 years old. She was known for being in Kokomo City, a documentary that won an award. People first saw the movie at the Sundance Film Festival in January of this year. Read Also – How did Jerome Leedy live? Jerome Leedy, a rugby player for QLD, died

D. Smith, a producer, singer, and musician who has won a Grammy, wore the director’s hat for the movie. It was also his first time in charge of a movie. The film Kokomo City is about the lives of Koko, Daniella Carter, Liyah Mitchell, and Dominique Silver, four Black trans sex workers who live in Atlanta and New York City.

It gives a realistic picture of their lives as they deal with the difference between the Black community and themselves and the constant fear of violence.

After the movie’s opening at the Sundance Film Festival, Koko, also a rapper, gave Smith and the film’s co-producer Dustin Lohman a gift to thank them for giving her a chance to tell her side the story. Then, she went to Instagram and wrote, “I will be the reason transgender girls have more chances and doors open to them. What you’ve done for me here will save many lives.” Read Also – Kevin Monahan? Man Charged for Murder Shooting Kaylin Gillis

In a press statement after Koko died, the Atlanta Police Department said, “This year, we are looking into three violent crimes involving transgender women.” Even though these separate events have nothing to do with each other, we are very aware of the epidemic level of violence against transgender women of color in America.


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