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Breaking News: Kitengela Woman Stabs Her Daughter More Than 100 Times

Police have taken into custody a 27-year-old lady from Kitengela, located in Kajiado County after it was reported that she killed her 2-year-old daughter with a knife and ate her body parts after the murder. For more information visit on Viralstimes!!!

K24 Digital read a report from the police that stated the mom had sliced up her child and consumed the baby’s organs and kidneys. As a result, residents of the region became so incensed that they were rendered speechless.

Naseren had shut herself in her home with her child and was playing with him when suddenly she became enraged and began damaging everything.

Because of the loudness, her friends could hear what was happening, and they watched in disbelief as she stabbed her daughter with a knife more than one hundred times because they could not enter the room to save the poor soul.

The neighborhood residents and the police could enter the residence and discovered the woman sleeping on the floor. Also Read – On Twitter and Reddit, Video 1444 has gone viral

According to the police investigation, the mother consumed the child’s intestines after she had sliced up her two-year-old child and eaten the child’s body parts.

When her neighbours, alerted by a commotion, arrived at her house, they found her and the baby trapped in her bedroom. She promptly smashed her TV as soon as she got home. In front of her shocked friends, she then snatched her infant and stabbed him over a hundred times. After a while, she started eating her dead body parts after they were dismembered.

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She was “treated and made to throw up the supposed body parts,” the police said, and those items are now part of the evidence.” When she arrived at the hospital, she was treated and made to throw up the supposed body parts.” After arriving at the medical facility, she was examined and then forced to vomit what were believed to be body parts.

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It was decided to do an autopsy on the deceased individual, so their body was sent to the mortuary of the Kitengela Sub-county Hospital.


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