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WATCH: K4Mora video Viral on Instagram sparks outrage online

A video that was shared on Instagram Story caused a scandal that was later traced to the Instagram user @K4 Mora, which left internet users seething and outraged. The video was described as being extremely offensive and should not have been viewed by anyone. Follow our website,, to stay up to date on the most recent news!!!

As of right now, it has come to light that the inappropriate film was uploaded onto the internet following a hacking attempt carried out by a middle school student who was attempting to smear the reputation of a former friend of hers. It has been stated that the Instagram account was hacked in order to defame the former friend. This is true.

An Instagram user with the user name @K4.Mora was the victim of defamation when an improper video was posted to their account. As soon as internet users saw the offensive video clip that was posted on K4 Mora’s Instagram story, they began to criticize it and demand that the authorities take action against it.

Full K4Mora viral video

When people on social media continued to criticize her conduct and the inappropriate video that she had posted to her Instagram story, the Instagram user shared details and disclosed the name of the middle school where she had attended.

In addition to that, she divulged her phone number as well as some information about her mother. What exactly is contained in the video, and why are so many people, after witnessing it, passing judgment on the young woman?

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Tweeted by @awcess: “I don’t post about still life at all, but could you pls report @/k4.more on Instagram. Even though she was only in middle school at the time, she had s#xu@l relations with a young child. Additionally, her mother’s Instagram feed can be found at @/_ksnow. TikTok user Kimora, who goes by the moniker @rackedupmore and posted a video on Saturday that has since been deleted, explained that someone was attempting to impersonate her using her Instagram account @k4.more.

In addition, the child who is currently enrolled in middle school said that she was doxxed by a person named Shenelly Parks, who is said to have been a friend of hers in the past.

Shenelly Parks, on the other hand, has refuted all of the charges and declined to remove the post off Instagram despite being asked to do so.

She responded by stating, “Alright, so let’s get this straight, that account K4 More is supposed to be me.” Ok. Now, none of that content that’s been uploaded on there comes from me. That should be perfectly obvious to all of you.” After some time had passed, the original video of Kimora was uploaded to TikYok and shared by a user with the account @kthuggnn.

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Now the video is all over the internet, and it has started a debate, which has led individuals to express their shock and fury at what they see in the film.


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