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Just who is Astrid Wett? Images and video Trending on social media

Astrid Wett only said that the father of her upcoming boxing opponent wanted me to be her stepmother during a tense pre-fight news conference. At Sheffield’s Utilita Arena on Saturday, the porn actress will face off against TikToker Keeley Colbran. Astrid withdrew from a match earlier this year against rival Elle Brooke. Visit our website or Google News for further updates: Viralstimes!

Just who is Astrid Wett?

Just who is Astrid Wett? Images and video Trending on social media

Keeley’s father is Simple Simon, a different TikToker who competed in boxing earlier this year. Astrid, Keeley, and Simon haven’t been spotted in a while despite having previously appeared together on the screen in TikTok videos.

Following a boxing contest, Astrid Waite attacked Allie Brook on the comedy program Dailystar Today on October 13. Astrid appeared to insinuate that Simple Simon had expressed interest in dating her during a press conference.

I think there is some motivation to recover and start new projects. But when she brought up my father, it was clear that it was personal. The following conversation occurs. Astrid: “I don’t give a damn about Simple Simon, and for some reason, Keeley called for a fight.

Is that why Keeley, you almost always refer to him as a bug? You seem genuinely concerned for him. Because he is insane, Astrid remarked. Keeley: You just brought him up, and now you say you don’t care, but you do.

Regarding your father, Astrid, I could care less. You see, I stopped speaking to you when he once asked me to be your stepmother. See More: Addison Rae: who is she? Twitter and Reddit viral video

Keely smiled and responded, “I can’t disagree. On a prior live stream where they were familiar, Astrid and Keeley were there. Keeley was shocked to hear Astrid say that she and her father wouldn’t be renowned without her.


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