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Who was Julián Figueroa? 27-Year-Old Son of Joan Sebastian Dies

Julián Figueroa, a well-known Mexican performer, has gone to heaven. Sunday night, the country’s performers guild, ANDI Mexico, announced on social media that the famous singer-songwriter and telenovela star had died.

The Mi Camino es Amarte star died when he was only 27. In an Instagram post, his mother, the actress Maribel Guardia, also told people about his death. Read on to discover what happened to Julián Figueroa and why he died. Follow our website, Viralstimes, to learn about the most recent news!!

Julián Figueroa, a singer and songwriter from Mexico died at age 27

Julián Figueroa is dead. He was the son of the actress Maribel Guardado and the late Mexican music legend Joan Sebastian. This past weekend was his last. He had only been alive for 27 years when he died.

What happened that led to Julián Figueroa’s death?

Guardia was at the theatre that night. She lived with her son Julián Figueroa. On Monday, she posted on Instagram, “It makes me sad to tell you that my beloved son Julián Figueroa has passed away. He left this level before us, which is sad.” Also Read – Why did Ashley Morrison kill herself? Ashley Morrison, who saved cats, died

She said, “They called 911, but by the time the ambulance and police got there, he was already dead, and there were no signs of violence.” According to the medical report, he died of a sudden heart attack and atrial fibrillation.

John Hopkins Medicine says an acute myocardial infarction is just a medical term for a heart attack. It also says that ventricular fibrillation is a dangerous type of irregular beating.

Maribel said, “I pray that people will understand how much pain we are in.” I want to talk to everyone trying to get in touch, but I don’t have the strength to do it yet.”

Guardia concluded her Instagram post by stating, “I’m grateful for all the messages of support and love you’ve been sending me, but I have no humanity to respond to anyone right now. I expect to perform the task again.” The funeral of Julián will be private, with only those who knew and loved him best in attendance. Also Read – Ethan Boyes Death Reason? USA Cycling Champion Dies in a Fatal Accident Footage

The Mexican ballad singer’s wife, Ime Garza, and 6-year-old son, José Julián, and his brothers José Manuel, Juliana, Zarelea, Marcelina, and Joana, will miss him. Garza, the woman he loves, is also a singer and actor.

Ime Garza, who had been married to Figueroa for six years, shared her sadness about his death on Instagram. She wrote, “I will always love you. You’re in a better place with your dad. You’ve broken my heart into a thousand pieces but you’veleft me with lots of happy memories and laughs. Fly high, love.”

Sunday was the day that Julián Figueroa’s last Instagram post was seen. At the time, he wrote a touching message on Instagram to his late father, Joan Sebastián, whose birthday was Saturday. Sebastian would have turned 72 years old.

People say that time will make everything better, but this is a horrible lie. It hurts more every day, and I say this without worrying about offending anyone’s feelings,” he wrote next to an old photo of him and his famous dad.

The Grammys, fame, and money can all go to hell, because all I want is to hug you one more time. I love you, dad, and if your death hurts, it’s because your life was so important to me.”

Julián Figueroa was the son of the late famous Mexican artist Joan Sebastián and the actress Maribel Guardia. For those of you who don’t know this, let us tell you. The U.S. Sun said that the couple had their son Julián in 1995. The following year, Joan and Maribel chose to go their separate ways.

Fans liked Julián because he could sing well and was the son of the famous singer Joan Sebastian, who died in 2015 at 64. His father died on July 13, 2015, in Teacalco, Mexico, following a fight with bone cancer. Also Read – Who Was Bob Lee? Cash App Creator Stabbed To Death In San Francisco

Figueroa also had a few acting roles besides his music work. He was in the famous Univision primetime telenovela Mi Camino es Amarte not too long ago. In the bio series Por Siempre Joan Sebastian, which came out in 2016, he played his father when he was young.


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