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Jorhat Girl Viral Video: Suicide of 72-Year-Old Man in Assam’s Jorhat District After Blackmail by College Girl

Jorhat Girl Viral Video: Everyone in the area is shocked after a terrible thing happened recently in the Jorhat area of Assam. A 72-year-old man who hasn’t been named killed himself after a video of him and a college girl in a s#xu@lly explic*t situation went viral online.

The woman, Darshana Bharali, is thought to have secretly recorded their s#x session and then posted it on an @d*lt website to blackmail the older man. For more information visit onĀ Viralstimes!!!

In the Jorhat Girl Viral Video, who is Darshana Bharali?

The video goes viral, which causes a lot of shame and embarrassment. The film, which got around the neighborhood like wildfire, made the older man and his family feel bad about themselves. The man went to great lengths to kill himself because he couldn’t handle the shame he felt after the event.

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The act has made people angry, and the family of the person who died wants the girl who did it to be punished harshly.

Also, it came out that the girl is accused of having blackmailed several people by putting their private videos on websites for @d#lt. People in the neighborhood have called for justice because this has caused so much worry.

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The girl is taken into custody by the local cops, who also start to look into what happened.
After the event, the local police took Darshana Bharali into custody and made a case against her according to the law. The matter is being looked into more at the moment.


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