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James ‘Buster’ Corley, Dave & Buster’s co-founder, killed himself

Explanation of Why Dave & Buster’s Co-Founder James ‘Buster’ Corley Committed Suicide! James Buster Corley was discovered dead, according to reports. Follow our website, Viralstimes, for the most recent information!!!!

According to reports, Dave & Buster’s co-founder committed suicide by shooting himself. It has been widely reported on the internet that he committed suicide, which has saddened many people. It is difficult for people to accept that Corley has passed away.

According to reports, he passed away at age 72. He reportedly killed himself on January 2, 2023. When he tragically passed away, it was also his birthday. Here, discover what transpired and why he committed suicide.

How Did James ‘Buster’ Corley Die?

As previously stated, Buster was one of the founding members of the renowned American restaurant and entertainment chain Dave & Buster. Reports indicate that James committed suicide at the young age of 72.

On Monday, January 2, he passed away, his 72nd birthday. James will be remembered as “an innovative and creative force with a pioneering spirit,” according to a D&B spokesman who confirmed the news of his death.

In addition, the spokesperson stated that Buster’s passion for hospitality, deep care for his team members, and demand for excellence were unmatched.

The spokesperson said that his heart goes out to his family during this difficult time and that although they will miss his sage advice and easy laugh, his legacy will be remembered.

According to reports, Dallas police officers received a call from a Texas residence, and when they arrived, they discovered a man who had been shot. Four months ago, according to his family, he suffered a stroke.

Let us inform you that James Buster was located at his home in White Rock Lake by law enforcement. The family said that Corley’s stroke, which occurred four months ago, caused severe damage to his communication and personality centers.

Officials have begun investigating the case since he committed suicide to determine the reason for his action. Everyone seems curious about what happened to him that led him to commit suicide. His motivation is unknown but will be discovered as the investigation continues.

Numerous individuals who knew and cared for him are devastated by his tragic passing. Social Telecast comes to the forefront and offers condolences to his family and friends. Also Read – Fred White, former drummer for Earth, dies at 67


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