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Watch: Ja Morant Video on Instagram Live with a Gun

The Memphis Grizzlies’ star guard, Ja Morant, has been banned from all team events after another video on social media showed him holding what looks like a gun. This article goes into depth about what happened, how the NBA responded, and how Morant was involved in a similar dispute in the past. Follow our website to find out the latest news!

The NBA has suspended Ja Morant while they look into the gun video.

The Memphis Grizzlies banned Ja Morant from all team events while the league looked into a social media video that showed the teen basketball player carrying what looked like a gun. The NBA is looking into what happened because of this event.

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NBA Replies to the Argument

Mike Bass, a representative for the NBA, said that the league knows about the film and is actively trying to find out more about what happened. The NBA’s response shows that it is committed to fully looking into any problems that might affect the players’ reputations or how they act.

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Instagram Live Video Raises Questions and Concerns

The video that got the account “_dtap2” banned was first shared on Instagram Live, but it quickly spread to other social media sites. Morant held a gun for a split second in the short video before the camera quickly turned away.

Previous Time Morant and a Gun Got Into Trouble

The most recent event, which involved Morant and a gun, comes after a scandal that happened more than two months ago. In that situation, Morant was caught on camera waving what looked like a gun in an Instagram Live video at Shotgun Willie’s, a strip club in Glendale, Colorado.

The move by the Memphis Grizzlies to suspend Ja Morant after a second video showed him holding a gun sent shock waves through the NBA.

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As the league starts an investigation, the main things they want to find out are the full story behind these incidents and how they might affect Morant’s reputation and career. Now, the young player has to deal with the hard task of putting an end to the rumors about him and rewriting the story that has grown over the past few months.


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