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Israel-Hamas War Day 17: Bombardment kills 400 people in A Day

We’re going to update you on the Israel-Hamas situation. People are becoming aware of this news and it is spreading over the internet. Yes, we are discussing the contentious Israel-Hamas issue. People are looking for information on this and want to know every update there is. To learn every information regarding the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, you are on the correct platform.

Israel-Hamas War Day 17: 400 people are k#lled by shelling in 24 hours, making it the most horrific night ever in Gaza, according to the report.

The Israel-Hamas conflict came up for discussion. The conflict between Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and the Hamas forces in Gaza appears to be intensifying in response to calls for a truce, while Palestinians in Gaza continue to lose their lives as a result of Israel’s constant bombing since October 7.

Israel attacked Gaza on Sunday, and the footage is making the rounds online. According to the media, this has been the greatest night ever. Also Read – How Did The 45 King Die? Legendary hip-hop producer Dies at 62

Israel keeps bombing Gaza through the night on the basis of the report. Air strikes on the Jabalia camp, which is next to the AI-Shifa and AI-Quds hospitals in Gaza, are the subject of reports. Over 400 Palestinians have died in Gaza as a result of ongoing Israeli airstrikes within the past 24 hours. It has been described as the “heaviest bombardment” by Palestinian media.

The date of this incident was October 7. Meetings were held between US President Joe Biden and other foreign leaders from Canada, Germany, France, and Italy and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Also Read – RIP: Who Was Dariush Mehrjui Wife Vahideh Mohammadifar? Found Dead In Villa

In addition, the leader affirmed Israel’s support following this meeting and Netanyahu’s invocation to uphold international humanitarian law and safeguard people.

As diplomatic efforts to contain a battle between Israel and the Hamas fighters intensified on Monday, oil prices fell by more than $1. *As of 02:03 GMT, the price of a barrel of Brent crude futures had dropped by 67 cents. To create this post for the readers, we gathered all the news details from many sources and presented them with you. We’ll notify you at the same location as soon as we learn anything more.


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