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Watch: Indiana officer Andrew Snyder video Bodycam Footage

The horrifying moment that officers in Indiana saved an infant baby and his family from a burning house was caught on camera by one of the department’s body cameras. Keep reading if you want to learn everything there is to know about the report.

In the middle of the night, officers from the Indiana Police Department responded to a call about a house fire and saved six persons, one of whom was an infant.

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On Monday morning, at approximately 2:10 a.m., a call reporting a house fire was received, as reported by the Frankfort Police Department.

The person who placed the call stated that the “house was filled with heavy smoke,” that they were located on the second level of the structure, and that there was no way for them to escape the premises.

According to the reports, the smoke that the infant inhaled made it difficult for the infant to breathe. After receiving the 911 call, all three officers, specifically Sergeant Andrew Snyder, Officer Freddy, and Madison Douglass, arrived at the scene within one minute.

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Andrew Snyder video Bodycam

The family was unable to descend from the second floor because, according to the police, flames were shooting out of the front of the house.

The video demonstrates that Snyder located a ladder in a short amount of time and placed it in front of the second-story window.

He then directed the family to hand the infant to him through the window as he was perched atop the ladder and spoke with them via the window. Snyder reached out and grabbed the infant, therefore saving the youngster from the raging fire.
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After he had successfully rescued the infant, he asked the other people to carefully exit the window and descend the ladder, and he helped them through the process.


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