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How did the longtime mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion, die?

Hazel McCallion, mayor of one of Canada’s biggest cities until she was in her 90s, has died. She leaves behind a legacy of fierce advocacy and nearly uncontested leadership for more than 30 years. Follow our website Viralstimes to find out about the latest news!

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — Hazel McCallion, mayor of one of Canada’s biggest cities until she was in her 90s, died on Sunday. She left behind a legacy of fierce advocacy and almost uncontested leadership for more than 30 years. She turned 101.

The longtime mayor of Mississauga, Ontario, a city next to Toronto, was a political powerhouse known as “Hurricane Hazel” by her friends.

Premier of Ontario Doug Ford said in a statement that she died peacefully at her home in Mississauga early on Sunday morning. Also Read – Television’s Frontman Tom Verlaine Passes Away at Age of 73

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Mississauga went from being a small town to the sixth-largest city in Canada under McCallion’s leadership as mayor from 1978 to 2014.

“My dear friend Hazel was an amazing woman who wore many hats. She was a businesswoman, an athlete, a politician, and one of the longest-serving mayors in Canada and the world. Because of how bold she was in politics, she was called “Hurricane Hazel,” and Trudeau said in a statement that she could not be stopped. Also Read – New York’s tour bus-cargo truck crash killed six persons

As mayor, McCallion used lower taxes to get businesses to move to the city from Toronto, which is more expensive. This created jobs and helped the town grow.

McCallion was highly regarded by her fellow politicians, even by many of those with whom she didn’t hold back. She was even more admired by her constituents, who re-elected her to office 12 times in a row by huge margins.

She got more than 90% of the vote for mayor several times in a row, even though she hadn’t run for office in decades. Instead of campaigning, she asked people who wanted to give money to her campaign to give it to a charity or a cultural fund.

McCallion finally decided to step down when she was 93 years old, 36 years after she was first elected mayor. On her 80th birthday, she said that her long life and success in politics were due to the “toughness” she learned growing up in the Gaspe region of Quebec.

When McCallion was still a new mayor, she hurt her ankle while helping to evacuate 200,000 people from their homes after a train derailed and leaked chlorine gas. This solidified her reputation as a hard worker. Even though her ankle was hurt, she continued to hobble to briefings to give updates. Also Read – Megan Maryanski, TikTok celebrity, Died at age 24

She turned down invitations from Canada’s three biggest political parties—the Liberals, the Conservatives, and the New Democrats—to run for them at the federal or provincial level. She said that politics at the local level was much more interesting to her.

Mississauga was one of the best-run cities in terms of money when McCallion was in charge.

In 2006, McCallion was called a hero when he helped stop an upset man threatening to kill himself. The five-hour standoff ended peacefully when McCallion showed up and told the man to get out of the way so that police, paramedics, and firefighters could take care of more important things.

In the 1930s, McCallion was a professional women’s hockey player in Montreal. She was known to keep a pair of skates and a hockey stick in the trunk of her car in case she wanted to play a game with someone.

In 2016, McCallion’s birthday, February 14, was made Hazel McCallion Day in Ontario.

Peter, Paul, and Linda were her three kids. Sam McCallion, her husband, died in 1997. He had Alzheimer’s. Also Read – Deborah Barak, longtime CBS business leader, died at 65


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