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How Did Kitchie Die? Kitchie Car Accident: R.I.P.

This piece was written after hearing that Kitchie had died in a car accident. This case has once again brought attention to road accidents, which shows that this is now the biggest problem in the whole world. Even though there are many tight rules, these cases keep happening, and every day there are more.

As a result of Kitchie’s quick death, many people are in shock and grief right now. The person who died was Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s assistant, and she was known for how hard she worked. Follow our website, Viralstimes, to find out about the most recent news!!!!!

Kitchy Car Crash

She worked as a personal assistant and liked fashion and traveling. From what she said on social media, she wanted her job and was seen as the best worker on the team. Her friends and family say she was always ready to help others and had a kind heart. Also Read – Shooting at Memphis rapper Yo Gotti’s restaurant kills 2 and hurts 5

She was in a car accident on March 28, 2023, on her way to the airport to pick up Floyd Mayweather. Because of this, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Kitchie Kitch died. She got a severe injury when her car crashed into another vehicle. Kitchie Kitch’s close friend Andrei Sison also died in the same car accident that killed Kitchie Kitch.

Her unexpected death has been tough on his family, friends, and others he cares about. Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s helper, Kitchie Mayweathers-PA Marikit Laurico, better known by his stage name Kitchie Kitch, has died. His full name was Kitchie Mayweathers-PA Marikit Laurico. The story says that this happened on March 29, 2023, which was a Wednesday.

At this time, we don’t know how old she was when she died. Her friends and coworkers were shocked to hear she died in a car accident. She was one of the most critical people on Floyd Mayweather’s team. She was known for her persistence and hard work. Also Read – How Did Mike Day Die? Navy SEAL Who Was Shot 27 Times and Lived

The only person to survive the crash was Josh Ford, a passenger in the car. Ford was hurt more than once and is now at home getting better. He told her family he was sorry about his friend’s death and sent them his sympathy.

After hearing about the case, the police are looking into it and trying to find out more. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said that the crash happened because the driver was going too fast. During the investigation, it was found that the driver had been drinking, leading to the deadly crash.


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