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How Did Ignacio Lopez Tarso Die? Mexican Film Actor Ignacio Lopez Tarso Expires at 98

The Mexican film industry laments the loss of the legendary and renowned actor Ignacio Lopez Tarso. The beloved Mexican stage and television actor Ignacio Lopez Tarso died at 98. Sadly, the Mexican actor passed away at 98 years old.

It was distressing to learn that the actor had passed away from officials who confirmed the news. He was a veteran of the Golden Era of Mexican cinema and starred in the first Mexican film nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language film. Follow our website Viralstimes to find out about the latest news!

How Did Ignacio Lopez Tarso Die?

According to official media reports, Ignacio Lopez Tarso breathed his last breath in Mexico City on March 11, 2023. The Mexican government verified his death on Saturday evening.

Since the actor’s death was confirmed, many prominent figures, including politicians and actors, have paid tribute to him and expressed their deepest condolences to his family, who are going through a difficult time due to losing their loved one. Thana Alex, a Mexican vocalist and composer posted on her Facebook page, “It has been a privilege to spend so many years witnessing the greatness and affection of Antonio Sanchez’s grandfather, Ignacio Lopez Tarso. Also Read – How Did Rick Quigley Die? Perry Traditional Academy Alumnus Dies

His profound presence will forever remain in our hearts, and his lengthy, successful career as an artist will continue to inspire us all.

Born as Ignacio Lopez Tarso in Mexico City on January 15, 1925. Alfonso Lopez Bermudez and Ignacia Lopez Herrera were his parents. Due to his father’s employment, he was forced to spend his childhood in locations such as Veracruz, Hermosilo, Navojoa, and Guadalajara. Alfonso and Marta were two of his siblings. After his parents took him to a play, acting intrigued him. Also Read – Famous British astrologer Mystic Meg has died at the age of 80

He attended secondary school in Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico, where he resided. Due to his family’s financial difficulties, he eventually enrolled in the seminaries in Temascalcingo, Mexico. At age 20, he enlisted in the military at Queretaro, where he spent nearly a year in confinement. Macario, a 1960s supernatural drama directed by Roberto Gavaldon and centered on the Day of the Dead celebration, was nominated for the Oscar for best foreign language film at the 33rd Academy Awards.


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