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Hareem Shah Toothpaste Video Has Gone Viral on Social Media

The Toothpaste Video of Hareem Shah Goes Viral: Hello, folks! Hareem Shah has been uploading new dance videos, so we have some juicy news about her. On the app TikTok, both Hareem Shah and Sundal Khattak are renowned. They are also excellent friends and have no problem displaying their affection for one another in public. Follow our website Viralstimes to find out about the latest news!

The most recent video from the duo has sent the internet into a frenzy, and the dance video has struck a chord with most viewers. Best friends demonstrate their affection for one another by swaying to “Le Le Maza Le” from the famous Bollywood film “Wanted.”

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A large number of individuals have viewed her dance videos with a variety of people. She always finds a means to remain in the series, and her controversies and candor have garnered her an enormous fan base. She got married in the autumn of this year. It makes sense that she is in the news because of her actions and controversies.

Everyone was stunned when the controversial Tiktok star Harim Shah abruptly announced he would be getting married later this year. Harim has instructed her to marry a Pakistan People’s Party lawmaker from Sindh province. However, he did not wish for the press to identify him.

Since then, the MLAs of the Sindh Assembly have assembled. People are examining the palms and watches of MLAs at the entrance to the assembly. Harm Shah, also known as Drama Queen and Political Hottie, is a Pakistani social media personality active on TikTok.

On June 28, 2021, she disclosed that she was married to the Pakistan People’s Party leader, but she did not elaborate. She went to a religious school and was given the name Fiza Hussain at birth. Zarar Hussain Shah was her father. She will attend the University of Peshawar to earn a Master of Philosophy in Competitive Religion.

In October 2019, Hareem Shah’s video taken inside the Foreign Office caused a stir, prompting Imran Khan, the prime minister, to investigate how Shah was allowed entry. After a video recording of her conversation with federal minister Sheikh Rasheed was published, she was criticized for her comments about him.

At the inauguration of a mall in Dubai in December 2019, she was irritated by the crowd. In January 2021, Hareem Shah struck Mufti Qavi over a ‘filthy’ and ‘vulgar’ conversation and claimed that Mufti Qavi had physically harassed her and her cousin. In March of 2021, Hareem Shah filed a police report against an acquaintance he accuses of attempting to murder him and assault him. Also Read more>>>


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