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Watch: Eliso Kiladze Fight Video Viral On Social Media

People’s attention is currently being drawn to a video rather than the dispute that had been going on. Absolutely, we are discussing Eliso Kiladze here. This video of a fight is going viral on the internet, and as a result, a lot of people have concerns about what happened. If you’re not familiar with Eliso Kiladze, you should be.

Yes, Eliso Kiladze, also known as Iago Kiladze, is a world-famous boxer who goes by the name Iago Kiladze. Up until 2006, he represented Georgia in international competition before moving his allegiance to Ukraine in 2007. He is a very powerful individual, and he is doing well in his professional life.

Video of Eliso Kiladze Fight Goes Viral

According to the report, Eliso Kiladze’s name is currently popular on the internet as a direct result of the widely shared video. The interest of the public has been piqued by the content of this video. Efe Ajagba, a boxer from Nigeria who is 29 years old, now holds the record for the quickest victory in the annals of boxing history. He was the well-known figure who finished the 2014 Commonwealth Games with a bronze medal. Also Read – Shani Louk Cause of Death? Shani Louk’s Shocking Truck Incident

According to the report, Eliso Kiladze Fight Original Video of a 37-year-old boxer who competes in the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions. He was involved in a total of 34 fights. He was victorious in 27 of his encounters, while he was defeated in 6 of them.

Efe has competed in a total of 19 bouts thus far, coming out victorious in 18 of them and suffering only one defeat. The footage of their brawl was not located on Twitter. This video has been shared across a variety of social media platforms, including Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, and Telegram.

The tagline of the video is “Ajagba, Efe,” and it refers to a Nigerian boxer named Ajagba, who defeated Kiladze in the fifth round by knocking him out. Their video can be found on the widely used platform YouTube. Also Read – Watch: Mona Heidari Video Goes Viral On Social Media

In addition, Kiladze is older than Efe and has accumulated a greater amount of professional boxing experience. Everyone believed Kiladz had a chance of winning the match. Despite this, Kiladze was unsuccessful in the recent.

When his followers found out about his passing, they were devastated. They were caught off guard and astonished. His followers hope to witness him achieve victory in the future. Kiladze’s record was 26–5–1 going into the fifth round of the match, which Efe won.

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