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Dr. George Clyde Debnam died how? Raleigh’s 10,000-baby-delivering doctor death

Recently, news of Dr. George Clyde Debnam’s passing has surfaced on the Internet, which we are presenting here. He was a reasonably well-known physician in Raleigh. He is no longer among his loved ones and breathed his last on Thursday.  Follow our website Viralstimes to find out about the latest news!

Recently, this news was published online, and as soon as it circulated on social media platforms, many responses began to appear in online news articles. His loved ones are now mourning his passing.

George Clyde Debnam, M.D., was a well-known Raleigh physician who delivered over 10,000 children and fought for healthcare integration. He was a remarkable individual whose best work was widely recognized.

He practiced medicine in Raleigh for over fifty years. In addition to his private business, he managed an ample hospital practice. He began his medical career at Saint Agnes Hospital, a segregated facility for African Americans in Raleigh.

He was the last employee to have held positions at both Saint Agnes and Wake Medical Center. He was a remarkable individual who would be much missed by many. Also Read – Deborah Barak, longtime CBS business leader, died at 65

Why did Dr. George Clyde Debnam die?

According to the news, Dr. George Clyde Debnam was one of the most renowned African-American physicians who recently passed away at 95. His death has been reported on the Internet, and many people are devastated by the news. Also Read – What killed Alan Komissaroff? Fox News Media SVP Dies at 47

Now, many individuals are interested in his cause of death. However, his cause of death is unknown because it has not yet been reported.

Dr. George was born on November 5, 1927, in Youngsville, Franklin County, to sharecropper parents. After completing his secondary education in Youngsville in 1943, he relocated to Raleigh to enroll at Shaw University at 15. He was a North Carolina native. Also Read – American Idol participant C.J. Harris died of a heart attack at 31

He had identical twin daughters. His funeral will be placed on January 27, 2023, at 12:00 pm at Christian Faith Baptist Church. Numerous individuals conveyed their deepest sympathies to his family and offered him tribute.


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