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Model Danii Banks is not accustomed to receiving complaints when she removes her top. However, when she attended a Las Vegas Raiders game, it was a completely different story… since her breasts got her kicked out of the stadium.

Danii said to TMZ that shortly after she recorded herself flashing her breasts inside Allegiant Stadium, security personnel and police officers swooped in, not in adoration, but to give that classic line: ‘Danii didn’t have to go home, but she had to get the heck outta Sunday night’s game. Danii didn’t have to go home, but she had to get the hell outta Sunday night’s game.

She had very nice seats, but she wasn’t able to remain around long enough to see the Raiders’ thrilling-ish victory over the New York Jets, according to DB, who claims that police officers did not issue her a ticket or arrest her.

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Because she didn’t publish the video until after she was kicked out, Danii, who is very active on OnlyF, believes that security or the cops must have seen her go topless in the moment.

The event was reminiscent to Blueface’s recent visit to a Los Angeles Rams game… where he brought a lot of strippers with him to a suite and had it rain while the practically n#de dancers twerked. The incident was similar in nature.

Wow, according to Blueface, he wasn’t ejected out of the stadium, and the officials there didn’t say anything to him either. Although this may give the impression that Vegas is operating a more efficient ship, it is important to note that not a single member of Blueface’s crew was able to liberate the nipple the way that Danii did.

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It’s possible that Danii’s antics are just a taste of what’s to come; on Friday, she’ll be performing onstage at the famous Crazy Horse 3 strip club, which is located directly across the street from the Allegiant hotel and casino.


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