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WATCH: Video shows Cop spraying mace on a group of fighting women viral

Recently, videos are getting a lot of attention on the internet. People are looking for the video on the internet because it shows a police officer and some women.

Everyone is going on the Internet to look at the movie that is going around the world. The public also wants to know why the fight in the video takes place. Follow our website to find out the latest news!

This piece will tell you everything you need to know about the video that is going viral on the internet right now. Not only that, but we will also explain what happened in the fight in the movie.

Video: A cop sprays mace on a group of women who are fighting In a recently popular video, a police officer can be seen shooting mace on a group of women who are fighting violently. On May 12, 2023, Reddit user @u/HejdaaNils shared the video to the group Public Freakout.

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There were also pictures of other Black women beating each other up while their bags and other things fell and landed all over the floor. During the process, they also lost some of their hair. People walking by could be seen using their iPhones to film the fight. Then, after blasting the woman with mace, the officer left the scene without a fuss.

The group was split up for a short time, but a few feet away, two of them quickly went back to fighting. Even more mace was sprayed on them. People on the busy road seemed to have been exposed to some of the pollution as well.

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The person who was shooting this video also seemed to have eaten some of the maces, since they started coughing and rode their skateboard away from the scene. One user, @Zcrash, said that the police officer used mace to break up the fight and calm things down after seeing the video.

It’s not clear where the video came from or why the two women were fighting in public on the road. The person who posted the video didn’t give any background information or details about when or where it happened.

“Cop uses mace and walks away,” the video’s caption said. But since the officer’s use of mace helped to calm down the situation, which was clearly causing a disturbance in public, people on the internet are now thanking the officer for doing so.

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In the past few years, there have been many cases of police misusing their power to wrongly accuse innocent people. There have also been many cases of police violence. There have been times when this kind of buildup led to the deaths of many innocent people.


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