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Content Creator Ines Tazi – Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Viral Video!!

Ines Tazi, a 26-year-old Parisian beauty, was most recently seen in season 1 of “The Circle France,” the French adaptation of Netflix’s The Circle. She accomplished this while pretending to be single and in a relationship. Visit Viralstimes to learn more about the latest news!!

She enrolled at SOAS University of London and chose to concentrate on the ICC (Intermediate Certificate Course) Foundation Program, World History, and Development Studies during her first year of study. She earned a distinction and a 2.1% in development studies.

The following year, she focused her social science study on the liberal political economy, and in her final year, she prepared a dissertation titled “Financialization of Nonfinancial Corporations.” The boxing teacher for the SOAS Boxing Society began the course in 2014 and completed it in 2015 with an upper second, 2.1 grade.

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In 2016, she began working while continuing her education. Her first known internship was with Marwa as a marketing analyst in Casablanca, Morocco’s commercial and logistics division. She participated in a four-month training from June to September 2016 before taking a one-year break.

In July 2017, she returned to Olan Partners for two months as an assistant general manager. From 2017 to 2018, she also held the part-time social media manager position at Pantone Creative. Her efforts paid off in September 2018 when she was appointed an associate founder of the London-based personal care products brand Skult.

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Ines Tazi’s father is named Karim Tazisekkat. On April 5, her sister sent her a birthday greeting for her father, stating, “Happy Birthday to my visionary father! I admire how you continually inspire and motivate me to be more creative. I adore you.

The name of their mother is Delphine Letort. The purpose was founded by Delphine, according to her LinkedIn profile.

She based it on a desire to assist corporate executives in their professional and personal development so that they might contribute to the advancement of tomorrow’s society despite the challenges of today.

Because she is a member of “Perfect Match,” we know she is currently single and not in a relationship. She did admit that she was dating someone while catfishing on “The Circle France.” However, the name of her boyfriend remained unknown at the time.

She has exchanged photographs with Joseph Arber, a data scientist and analyst from the United Kingdom. In response to a reader’s question about whether he was her “bae,” Ines acknowledged that they were dating.

Between July 2019 and February 2020, he appeared in the photographs. However, he is no longer an Instagram follower. It is safe to presume that they are no longer together.

Joseph may have been the person she was dating at the time of “The Circle France” based on the length of their relationship. After that, no more advances in her love life created the appearance she had resolved to conceal.

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After “Perfect Match,” everyone will be wondering who she is dating and how their relationship is progressing. We wish the young woman well in all of her future pursuits.


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