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Chyanne cat video has gone viral on the Internet

Every day, we hear something very different from what we usually hear. Not too long ago, a TikToker was awarded for doing something strange and ugly. Web users had said that TikToker Chyanne was s*xu@lly abusing her pet cat. Follow our website to find out about the latest news!

The violent video was posted online, where hundreds of thousands saw it. Everyone was outraged by what she did and felt bad for the poor animal. If you want to learn more, keep reading.

Based mostly on what her TikTok name was. She is a young woman who people have criticized the Internet for being obscene by having s#xu@l relations with her pet cat.

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Even worse, Chris, her boyfriend, filmed this. Her says that everyone on Twitter and Reddit started talking about the video after he posted it on TikTok.

The video was first posted on TikTok, which got much negative attention. Even though it has been taken down, there are still a lot of links and copies of it all over the Internet.

After it became clear that the video was so offensive, Chyanne took it down. She recently posted a video about what happened and how it turned out.

So far, Her’s real name has yet to be made public, but it will likely be. The name of her boyfriend is Chris. Someone on TikTok talking about the couple’s ages said that She is 17 and Chris is 21. Chris was also called She’s legal guardian by these people.

When the video went viral online, She said Chris was behind it. She also talked about how he used to mistreat the cat. It says that her boyfriend tried to choke the cat right away and kicked it.

Throughout her video, she talked about how angry she was about that video while blaming her friend. The audience is mad because she didn’t discuss what needs to be addressed, which is how cruelly she treated that cat.

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The TikToker is acting like Chris is the one who saved her. But the audience is upset because they say that the cat is the one who is hurt in this situation. She says that Chris told her to report it after getting her to agree that it was funny.

Even though I knew Chyanne had a problem. Someone on Twitter showed her anger by saying she never thought the TikToker would do such a bad thing. Another person who watched the video and commented on it confirmed the information by saying it was true and that Chyanne’s boyfriend had posted photos of her on his TikTok stay.

The video has also gone viral on Reddit, where people complain about it and ask people who haven’t seen it for the URL.


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