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Mexico: Bus Falls off Cliff in Puerto Vallarta, Killing 18, Including 11 Women

Around 18 people were killed, and many others were injured when a bus in Mexico plunged off a cliff into a ravine, according to the horrifying and upsetting news that has emerged from that country. People are shocked and disheartened by the news because it has spread rapidly throughout the world.

The traumatic experience took place late on a Saturday night. According to the accounts, the tragic tragedy occurred on the highway connecting the state’s capital, Tepic, to the popular tourist resort of Puerto Vallarta.

The photographs and videos that have gone viral, which originated in western Mexico, show a large number of police and ambulance trucks parked near the scene of the collision. Stay here with us to gain further insight into the information.

A Bus Carrying the Dead Plunges Down a Cliff.

It has been stated that the bus was traveling from the state’s capital, Tepic, to the popular vacation spot of Puerto Vallarta when the incident occurred. The bus was suddenly thrown off the cliff and into a valley approximately 50 feet below it. Also Read – Who is Syed, Ismail Syed Ibrahim? XPDC Band Member dies

The authorities have arrived at the scene of the tragedy and are coordinating their efforts to assist the injured individuals. Since the very first moment that they were informed that someone had fallen off the bus, the office of the prosecutor in Nayarit has shared on Twitter that extensive work is currently being done at the accident site by taking assistance from a variety of authorities from both the federal government and the state.

People worldwide are reaching out to express their sympathies to their friends and family affected by the tragedy that has befallen the people. The appalling occurrence resulted in the deaths of seven males and eleven women, according to the officials from the police department. The event has left approximately 33 people in critical condition.

There have been reports of at least eleven children being hurt due to the accident, and all of them have been taken to the hospital. The authorities have obstacles due to the bus falling a significant distance, but the operation is progressing quickly. It has been said that the bus flipped over while traveling on the highway when it went down into the steep valley. Also Read – Moneysign Sued Death Cause? A dead musician found in jail

The passengers were reportedly on their way to Guayabitos, a beach location, for their vacations, as the police informed the media. And the deadly occurrence occurred in the state of Nayarit, which is located in western Mexico.

The authorities in the police department are investigating to determine what led to the horrific event. The information on the people who have passed away, such as where they were from before they died, has not yet been obtained. As the news spread across the internet, people immediately began posting their most sincere condolences to the deceased victims of the tragedy.


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