Watch Preview: BTS to Release New Song for Animated Series ‘Bastions’!!

Rally, BTS Army! The new song the fans have been anticipating is almost ready for release. Each of the seven cast members lends their voices to a track in the new animated series Bastions‘ soundtrack.

This will be BTS’s first show since their compilation record Proof came out in June last year. The group is on break right now because the members have to do their required military service in South Korea. Many of the members have also started solo jobs. Follow our website, Viralstimes, to learn about the most recent news!!!!

BTS will put out a new song for the animated show Bastions.

The series shown on SBS will be called after the song. The song’s name has not yet been announced, but you can listen to a sample below.

Times Media, the company that makes Bastions, said in a statement that BTS would sing the theme song in perfect harmony, making the show’s feelings and action scenes feel more natural.

The song was made before Jin joined the service. On the other hand, fans can’t stop talking about how excited they are about the music on social media. “jungkook’s talents never fail to amaze me. “It’s so easy for him to sing well and fit in with any genre, sound, tone, mood, or performance because of how well he can do it,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Another person wrote, “Yes, oh my God, we’re so happy! They knew we needed this; it’s the link between us and our boys. BTS IS COMING. BTS IS BACK.” A fan also wrote, “Lol, everyone thought the recruitment was the end of BTS, but now we’re getting 8 times as much music and content MWAHAHA.” Read Also – Jalan Ep4 Hunters Apps Web Series, Storyline, Cast, Release Date, Full Episode Download Link

Bastions will also have songs by other K-pop groups

On the show’s soundtrack, singers like Heize, Alexia, LE SSERAFIM, Brave Girls, and BTS will sing. On May 14 at 7:30 a.m. KST, the show’s first episode will air in South Korea. The theme song by BTS will likely come out after the show’s first episode.

It is said that the song will be available on radio streaming services once it comes out. Regarding Bastions, the animated show will be about fighters who fight environmental pollution. It will have new heroes named Bastions who will fight bad guys who pollute the environment.

The band is taking a break right now, and they don’t plan to get back together until at least 2025. The members had to do about two years of required military service, so there was a break. In the meantime, they keep putting out songs on their own.

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Suga’s first solo record, called D-Day, will be out soon. He is also working on a documentary for Disney+ called Suga: Road to D-Day. The rapper will also go on a world tour, which is set to happen later this year.

As for V, the singer recently gave a sneak peek of his new song Maybe during a live stream on social media. A few weeks ago, Jimin put out a song called “Like Crazy,” which went to number 10 on the UK charts.


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