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Bodybuilder and Influencer Jo Lindner ‘Joesthetics’ Pass Away at 30

Bodybuilder Jo Lindner, who was known on social media as “Joesthetics,” has died. This is a very sad turn of events. Only 30 years old. An aneurysm caused the influencer to die on June 30. An aneurysm is a disease in which a blood vessel swells or bulges out of shape. Stay up to date by visiting our website, Viralstimes, for all the newest information!!!!

Bodybuilder Jo Lindner ‘Joesthetics’ dies at age 30

Nicha, Lindner’s girlfriend, posted the news on Instagram for everyone to see. She said that the influencer had been in pain in his neck for three days before he died in her company on Saturday.

“The best place for everyone is Jo. He died yesterday of an aneurysm. Nicha wrote, “I was with him in the room. He put the necklace he made for me around my neck. Then, we just laid down and cuddled while we waited to meet Noel at the gym at 6:00. He was in my arms. This is all happening too fast.” Also Read – WATCH: Alexandra De Taddeo Video Viral On Social Media

If you guys knew him as well as I do… This person is the most amazing and amazing person in the whole world. He built so far and did so much by himself. So please think of him as Joesthetics,” she wrote as a way to end her letter.

Lindner was born in Germany and was known for having a strong body. He used to post bodybuilding routines and exercise hacks on social media, which helped him get over 8 million followers on Instagram and over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube. Also Read – WATCH: Trichy Road Accident, Five Killed, 43 Injured CCTV Footage

He ran a programme called Joesthetics Training System to help his students get the bodies they wanted. Lindner moved from Germany to Dubai and then to Thailand, where he made most of his material. The leader had a rare disease that made his muscles very sensitive to pressure and movement.


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