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The body cam video of the shooting at Citadel Mall went viral!

Body Cam Video of Citadel Mall Shooting: Hello, friends! I’m sure you’ve all heard about what happened at the Citadel Mall on April 3, 2023. The case was hazardous because the suspect shot himself in the head while he and the cops were trading gunfire.

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Shooting at the Citadel Mall

Our investigation aimed to find out if the cops beat him or if he shot himself in the head and killed himself. The case was open, and the police were looking into it. Today, the Colorado Springs Police Department released the report.

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Citadel Mall Shooting Body Cam Video and video from the cameras that the police officers were wearing on their bodies. It took a while, but now the police have released the evidence and video briefing proving he shot and killed himself. In this piece, we’ll tell you more about this topic.

What Went Down at Citadel Mall This happened on April 3, 2023, at the Citadel Mall in Westminster, Colorado. Brandon Harris, who was 19 years old, shot himself during a police contact.

Suspect in the Citadel Mall Shooting He was quickly given medical care by the police, but it wasn’t enough to save him, and he died in the hospital.

According to police camera video and a briefing from the department, Harris was already wanted for parole violation and carrying a gun without a permit at the time of the incident. A suspect in the shooting at the Citadel Mall has been caught. The police saw him driving a stolen car.

He was driving a car that had been stolen, and he met four other guys in another car that had also been stolen. At 3 p.m., they all got to the Citadel Mall, where the cops were waiting for them. All of them had guns and handguns in their hands.

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When they left the mall at 5 p.m., the police, agents, and tactical enforcement units went to the scene and caught all five. All of them got away from the police, but Harris ran to the west doors of the Burlington Coat Factory shop.

The police quickly caught the other four. Who killed the people at the Citadel Mall? He had guns, and the police tried hard to stop him, but he didn’t stop, and he later fired one shot at the police. To get him under control, the cops fired three shots, but none hit him.

He was taken to the hospital immediately but didn’t make it. The cops have now turned in their report, and the case is considered a suicide and self-inflicted death.


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