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Watch video of Blueface fighting at Club Letout in Baltimore viral

Media Take Out says rapper Blueface was fighting at Club Letout after running into people who knew Chrisean’s father at a nearby bar. Follow Viralstimes for the latest news.

Media Take Out says Blueface knocked out Chrisean’s dad during a fight last October.

Chrisean, on the other hand, has chosen to spend Christmas this year with her family in Baltimore. Blueface did go to Baltimore to see his girlfriend, even though he was not invited to the family’s house.

People on social media say that Chrisean’s dad’s friends attacked Blueface and Christian after they went to a local club.

Chrisean knows precisely what she’ll be doing on Christmas Day. He wasn’t allowed to attend the family’s celebrations but went to Baltimore to see his lover. Blueface fights outside the club, and the video goes viral on Twitter.

Reports on social media say that Blueface and his crew were attacked at a local club by a group of people who knew Chrisean’s father. Here is a video of Blueface fighting:

So My Boyfriend Knocked Out My Dad, Family Things Didn’t Go Well, I Don’t Even Know What’s Going On was the story caption Christiane put on her Instagram Story page in September of this year. She ended it with a sad emoji. Many people on Twitter talk about the Blueface Fight outside of the club.

Later that day, Rock posted a video of herself running a club event at the Lit Lounge in Providence, Rhode Island. Her partner was not on the video. She then bragged that she had been to two cities in one night while posting a video of another club show in New York City.

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