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Bhanu Rekha Death Cause? Bengaluru: Infosys Employee Dies After Car Stuck In Flooded

Recently, when it started to rain in Bangalore, it led to a number of problems and events. On Sunday afternoon, heavy rain hit Bengaluru for only an hour, but it caused problems in many parts of the city.

News is getting out that 23 years have passed since this rainstorm started, and this news is currently trending on the internet and social media sites. Follow our website to find out the latest news!

Why Did Bhanu Rekha Die?

The person who died was named Bhanu Rekha, and she worked for Infosys. She died in the rain storm that hit Bengaluru on Sunday, and her family came to the city to be with her.

In a statement, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that she, her mother, and other members of her family had rented an MUV and gotten stuck in a flooded subway. Her family moved to the city from Vijayawada, which is in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. In the hired white car, the family was stuck in water up to their necks. Also Read – What Happened With Arizona Cheerleader? Death Video Viral On Social Media

The family was going through the flooded subway at KR Circle, which was completely underwater. People say that 35–40 mm of rain fell in the area during the rainy hour. The person who died has been named as Bhanu Rekha. He or she lived in Pragathinagar, which is close to Electronic City. She worked for Infosys and is from the city of Vijayawada in the state of Andra Pradesh.

Harish, the driver of the car, said that he was on his way to the city and saw two autorickshaws going through the subway ahead of him. Then he thought that his car could also go through the subway without any trouble. Also Read – Billy Guyton Cause of Death? Former Star Rugby Player Dies at 33

Some pictures of this event have also been shared, and these pictures are now going around on different social media sites. Her mother, Swaroopa, is 46 years old. Samrajyam, 65, Shamita, 13, Shovita, 15, and Sandeep, 25, are also members of her family.

The members of the family were saved and taken right away to St. Martha’s Hospital on Nrupatunga Road. After this happened, the Chief Minister also gave the victim’s family a fund of Rs. 5 lahks.


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