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Bacari Ogarro arrested for “pranks” that were harassing Orthodox Jews in London

A new rule could soon shut down the accounts of a self-proclaimed prankster who films himself breaking into stores, people’s homes, and parks to steal dogs. You must read the story and keep reading for more information. Follow us around to find out everything you need to know about Bacari Ogarro Was Arrested For “Pranks” That Harassed Orthodox Jews In London. Follow our website to find out the latest news!

Mr. Ogarro has been caught before for ‘pranks’ he played on orthodox Jews in London. For example, he approached a young man at a bus stop, put his hands on the victim’s shoulders, and tried to dive him. Ogarro said that the cops held him for 36 hours because of the incident.

Now, a minister has stepped in to tell social media sites that host Mr. Ogarro’s videos that they need to do something. Paul Scully, who is in charge of technology and the digital economy, told TikTok that the new law will force social media sites to delete the material.

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This week, a TikTok user went viral on social media after he filmed himself sneaking into a stranger’s house as a joke. Thanks to a new rule, social media companies could soon delete his accounts. Bacari Ogarro, who goes by the name Mizzy, made a lot of people angry this week when a video of him breaking into a stranger’s home in London went online.

In the film, Mr. Ogarro is seen scaring a young family, whose mother had been sweeping on the front patio and left the front door open. At the beginning of the movie, Ogarro and two of his friends said, “Let’s go into random houses.” Then he went inside the house, which caught the eye of a woman in the front yard.

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He then went straight into the hallway while young children could be heard. As shocking as the film was, Mr. Ogarro is used to doing things like it.

In another video he posted to his TikTok account, he walked up to an old lady sitting on a park bench, grabbed her dog, and ran away. In a third film, he walks up to young women at an overground station in Stoke Newington and asks them if they want to die.

In other videos, he was seen bothering women on the Elizabeth Line, sitting on the laps of two women he didn’t know while they talked on a park bench, breaking books in a library and getting into the backs of people’s cars.

Susan Hall, a Tory Assembly member, has also stepped in and asked the Met Police to help. The Online Safety Bill is currently going through the House of Lords and is expected to become law before the next General Election.

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TikTok said they deleted the user’s account last week, but Mr. Ogarro made a new profile and started sharing videos to it right away. Now, that account has also been taken away.


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