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WATCH: Amanda Hickey Video Viral On Social Media

Since the general public is looking for information on Amanda Hickey on the internet, we have decided to provide it here in this article. The general public is accessing the internet in order to learn more about Amanda Hickey, and in addition to this, they are interested in learning more about surveillance video of her because the news regarding it is spreading rapidly over the internet.

In light of this, we have included information about Amanda Hickey in this post for the benefit of our readers. In addition to this, we are going to provide information regarding her internet-famous video while people are looking for it on the internet.

The Surveillance Video of Amanda Hickey Has Gone Viral

This tragic case is around Amanda Hickey’s alleged offenses against children, and the surveillance tape that Amanda Hickey filmed of herself played an important part in revealing the truth. There is video evidence that alleges to show Amanda Hickey abusing a 14-month-old daughter, including beating the kid with a pile of firewood and committing other acts of violence against the youngster.

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The most important component of the case is the tense event that takes place, which leaves the nanny’s movements unclear. In a second instance, which was also captured on surveillance video, Amanda Hickey is accused of shaking a newborn who was just six months old no less than three times, which caused the youngster to cry out as they were confined in a crib with blankets over them.

The terrible disappearance of an infant who was only four months old is probably the component of this case that is the most tragic. Hickey began by stating that while the infant was in his care, it rolled over on him while he was holding it.

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However, Amanda Hickey’s initial story was disproven when she saw the CCTV photographs in the courtroom, which indicated that the infant had been left alone in the Pack ‘n Play for two hours. This proved that Amanda Hickey had broken the law by abandoning her child.

The significance of those occurrences cannot be overstated when considering their bearing on the investigation into Amanda Hickey’s alleged behaviors and the case in general.

The initial statements made by Amanda Hickey during the investigation into the creche case were characterized by denials and justifications that ran contradictory to the heated times that could be seen on Amanda Hickey’s security tape. Her account of the occurrence hinted at a different possible course of events than the one that was, in the end, documented by the camera.

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Significant developments occurred in the Amanda Hickey Daycare case once the footage from Amanda Hickey’s surveillance cameras was introduced as evidence. It develops into an important turning point that elucidates exactly what transpired on that fateful day.


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