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Alfaaz, Punjabi singer, was hospitalized following an attack in Mohali

The awful news we must inform you today is that the renowned and well-known Alfaaz was hospitalized following an attack. Yes, you read it correctly. We will discuss Amanjot Singh Panwar, who was struck by a car in front of a Mohali dhaba.

His friends and family are showing worry for him and praying for quick recovery while he is in the hospital. Stay tuned to this story and keep reading if you want to learn more about the cause of his injuries and other details. Follow for more updates, Viralstimes!

Alfaaz, Punjabi singer

According to sources on the internet, the Punjabi musician Amanjot Singh Panwar was attacked by some individuals in a vehicle this past Saturday, October 1, 2022. This incident occurred outside of a Dhaba in Mohali. Fortunately, Amanjot Singh Panwar is unharmed despite suffering multiple injuries.

He was taken immediately to the hospital, and as we previously stated, he is now safe. What inspired this attack, and why? This occurred shortly after the well-known musician Siddhu Moosewala was fatally shot in his automobile a few months ago.

Alfaaz, a Punjabi singer, was hospitalized

Alfaaz, Punjabi singer

Internet rumors claim that a police FIR has been filed, and the investigation has begun. We can only hope that the police will swiftly apprehend the offender.

On numerous social media sites, many individuals express their regret and concern for Amanjot Singh Panwar, while others wish him luck for a quick recovery. So let’s talk about some further Amanjot Singh Panwar information.

Alfaaz, also known as Amanjot Singh Panwar, made his music debut in 2011 alongside Yoyo Honey Singh on the song Haaye Mera Dil. People in that period adored his song so much that it became the anthem of the youth.

Amanjot Singh Panwar also produced numerous popular albums back-to-back. He’s not doing well now, but we hope he’ll get well soon. Meanwhile, the police are still investigating the case and trying to conclude. We sincerely hope that you found this information or helpful content. See More News: Pandurang Raut, a former minister in Goa, went away at age of 76


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