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Watch: Aerovia Guayaquil Pareja Viral Video on Social Media!!!

A stunning video that documents phantom activity in a public space is going viral online. The video was uploaded to YouTube. This captivating video, which was shot in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and features a couple riding in an airline car, has sparked a lot of heated discussion on various social media platforms.

The clip, which was originally taken by a security camera, was just made public and quickly spread around the internet on Thursday, July 13, 2023. Follow our website to find out the latest news!

Full video of the mysterious Aerovia Guayaquil may be found here.

The video that has gone viral and is the topic of conversation among everyone originates from the Guayaquil and Durán public transportation system, which has been temporarily shut down. The film was reportedly obtained on June 24 according to reports from local media outlets.

Despite the fact that the pair was aware of the existence of the security camera, it gives the impression that they were the only people in the airway automobile. After being taken by a local worker from the surveillance system of a secure public establishment, the tape was later shared throughout a variety of WhatsApp and Telegram groups.

It was replicated by hundreds of accounts when it was shared on Twitter on July 13, which is when it got considerable attention and was copied.

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The Unveiling of the Phenomenon That Is Aerovia Guayaquil

Users on social media platforms became increasingly fascinated by the supernatural activity that was represented in the video as it gained popularity. A great number of people have exhibited feelings of wonder and intrigue in response to the strange incidents that the couple claims to have witnessed.

The event has spurred discussions among internet users, leading to the emergence of a wide variety of hypotheses and rumors that attempt to explain the bizarre phenomenon.

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The video has generated a lot of interest on the internet, and specialists are currently analyzing the clip to try to figure out what kind of supernatural phenomenon it depicts.

Researchers specializing in the occult and paranormal are methodically scrutinizing the film in an effort to give light on the unexplained events that took place within the airway car. The results of their research will add to our knowledge of the supernatural as well as the limits of our own reality perception.

The widespread circulation of the film across various social media platforms has had a significant effect on the conversation in the public sphere.

Users on a variety of platforms have been actively participating in heated discussions, during which they have shared their perspectives and hypotheses regarding the paranormal occurrences. This extensive attention has inspired a surge of interest in supernatural occurrences and furthered the research of happenings that do not have a rational explanation.

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The video’s success in spreading over the internet demonstrates the power of social media to influence conversations and bring attention to uncommon occurrences.

On social media, a surge of excitement and conversation has been sparked off by a recent film that went viral and captured paranormal phenomena occurring inside of an airway automobile. People’s curiosity has been piqued as a result of this compelling footage, and some of them have started looking into the world of the unexplained.

While professionals continue their examination of the footage, the general public eagerly anticipates their conclusions in the hopes of gaining a deeper comprehension of the paranormal. The influence that social media can have on the dissemination of information and the creation of public interest is demonstrated by the widespread attention that this occurrence has received.


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