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A video of model Jordan Taylor le@kd onto Twitter and Reddit

Jordan Taylor is most well-known for her “Travellight” YouTube channel, which features travel-related videos. There are currently 244 videos on Taylor’s YouTube channel, with over 676k subscribers. People may observe on her YouTube channel how much she enjoys traveling without a particular destination.

She enjoys travelling so much that she does it full-time and discovers unexplored areas in every location she visits. The video she appeared in was uploaded to the internet, which is why she is currently in the headlines. This article examines travellight only fans and provides information about the singer. Follow our website, Viralstimes, to receive the most recent updates!!!!

Jordan Taylor’s Video Le@kd

On August 13, 1994, Jordan Taylor was born in Chicago, which is in the state of Illinois, in the United States. He is an accomplished travel blogger. She desired to tour the world, so she left her family, house, and work to pursue her goal.

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The most exciting aspect of Jordan’s travels is that she does not meticulously plan each one. This makes them one of the most exciting aspects of her life, as she anticipates each city or country’s surprises.

Jordan began her YouTube career on June 14, 2014, when she created the “Travellight” channel and began uploading videos. On April 19, 2015, Jordan submitted her first video to YouTube for the first time. She explained why she created an official YouTube channel in her first video.

During her conversation with Jordan, she revealed that her brother owns two YouTube channels. She gives beauty suggestions on one and footage of her daily life on the other. Her sister’s YouTube channel also inspired her to create her own.

Jordan Taylor Wiki and Bio

She planned to create YouTube channels to share her travel and adventure tales to excite her audience. The initial plan was to write about what she did in Miami, as she believed many others would be interested in visiting and learning about the city.

Friends advised her to watch travel movies such as “Traveling the world for free” and “Traveling long term” as she entered her twenties. During that period, she viewed numerous travel-related videos, which provided her with multiple ideas. She began to consider how she could work full-time while travelling and earn a living as a professional. This made her think.

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She sees a Romanian man by the name of Livio. They enjoy traveling together and appreciating the beauty of the destinations they visit. They headed on their first date to a café in Santorini, Greece, to get acquainted.

The video blogger Livio Livio also maintains a travel blog on YouTube. He frequently appears in Jordan’s videos as a guest. When Jordan and Livio traveled to the United States to visit her mother’s relatives and spend time together, they had a wonderful experience.


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