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IITM: A brother blames a supervisor for death of an IIT-Madras student

We’re back with some new information about a death at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras on March 31. (IITM). At that time, it was said that Sachin Kumar, a student working on his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, had k*lled himself.

His brother recently complained about his Ph.D. supervisor and sent an email to the university with an attached letter in Hindi saying that the Supervisor killed his brother.  Follow our website, Viralstimes, to learn about the most recent news!!!!!

Brother Puts IIT-Madras on His Boss

Bhavesh Jain, the brother of the person who died, has asked the university leaders to punish the person who did it. Sachin was doing the study for his Ph.D. in the mechanical engineering department. He was from West Bengal and lived in Velachery, Chennai. His friends found him dead in his room. Read Also – Who Was Bob Lee? Cash App Creator Stabbed To Death In San Francisco

When his friends saw that his Whatsapp status said, “I’m sorry, I’m not good enough,” they went to his house and found him hanging in the room. After the test, he was said to be dead.

The victim’s brother said that the stress of the study was making him feel bad mentally. Even though the boss knew, he put him under even more pressure.

Brother has also said that Supervisor’s behavior made his brother feel bad about himself, which made him take this extreme step. Since February 2023, three students have killed themselves at IITM, which worries the school. For a long time, students and their families asked for mental health studies to be done.

Sachin Jain had a tremendous academic and research record, which the IIT acknowledged. This is a significant loss for the study community. Read Also – WWE Hall of Famer Bushwhacker Butch pass away at 78

Bhavesh Kumar Jain also said the school was to blame because his brother couldn’t enter the lab. After all, the victim shared with his family. The victim’s brother also said that the victim once told him he would not get his degree on time because his boss was making him do more work.

People are protesting against the college management because three students killed themselves. They want action to be taken against the IITM director, V Kamokoti. Students have also discussed the relationships between the research scholars and their professors. They are also upset that the medical center at the school has fewer facilities. Read Also – Wayans Family Patriarch Howell Wayans Dies at 86 : Tribute

On the other hand, the school director says the student’s problems, stress over money, and health problems are to blame. People were scared by these horrible events, which makes this matter very important for people who want to get into engineering.


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