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Three people killed in shooting at Kurdish center in Paris, and the suspect was arrested

The prosecutor in Paris said that the suspect had just gotten out of jail after attacking migrants living in tents and that investigators are looking into whether the shooting was done out of racism.

A few hours after the shooting, fights broke out in the neighborhood as members of the Kurdish community shouted slogans against the Turkish government, and police fired tear gas to disperse the growing crowd. Some trashcans were set on fire. For more information visit on Viralstimes!!!

Darmanin said it was clear that the attacker was going after foreigners, but police don’t have any evidence yet that he was trying to hurt Kurds. Darmanin is holding a special meeting to discuss the dangers facing France’s Kurdish community.

Members of the Kurdish community in Paris, who were shocked by the shooting, said that police had recently told them that there were threats against Kurdish targets, and they demanded justice.

Nearby residents and business owners were distraught by the attack, which happened when Paris was busy with holiday activities before the Christmas weekend.

As she spoke, a crowd nearby chanted, “Erdogan, terrorist” and “Turkish state, assassin.” They were talking about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoan.

A nearby construction worker saw the attacker go to the cultural center, the restaurant, and then the hairdresser. The construction worker told The Associated Press that he saw the attacker hurt three people before two other people stepped in and stopped the attacker.

The worker, who wouldn’t say his name because he was worried about his safety, said the attacker was quiet and calm while holding a small-caliber pistol.

Police put a fence around the area in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital, a busy street with shops and restaurants close to the Gare de l’Est train station.

Prosecutor Laure Beccuau in Paris said that three people who were shot have died, one is in critical condition, and two others are in the hospital with less severe injuries. She also said that the attacker was injured in the face.

She said anti-terrorism prosecutors are talking to investigators but haven’t shown any sign of a terrorist motive.

The prosecutor said the suspect had been in trouble with the law at least twice before: in 2021, he attacked migrants living in tents in eastern Paris, and he was recently convicted in another case in a Paris suburb. She didn’t say more about either situation.

Darmanin said the attacker went to a shooting range at a sports club and had several registered guns. He also said that the attacker was French and that he was not on any watch lists for radicalism or known to be involved in any extreme-right or other political movements.

Yann Manzi of the aid group Utopia 54 said that the suspect attacked migrants with a sabre and hurt some people in a makeshift camp.

He and the Kurds gathered at the shooting scene were saddened by the suspect’s recent release.

“We don’t feel safe in Paris,” activist Murat Roni told The Associated Press. “We don’t feel protected by the French legal system. Also Read – Tunisha Sharma and who died by suicide at the age of 20

“The Kurds were definitely the target.”

He said the cultural center was “like the Kurds’ embassy in Paris.” It was a place for cultural events, political discussions, and help with immigration procedures.


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